Fantasy Baseball Week 17: Span’s Stand

HG - Week 17 is nearly here, meaning most fantasy leagues are down to their final six weeks of the regular season.  Whether your team is jockeying for the top seed in the playoffs or just trying to get in, grabbing hot players to get into your lineup to help you win remains important.

This week the spotlight for top waiver claim goes to Washington’s Denard Span, who after a rather cold start, has heated up like a D. C. summer.  Span has produced 4 games of 2+ hits just since baseball restarted last Friday.  This includes back to back games of 4 hits, which also include 6 of 8 games with multiple base knocks.

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Chicago Cubs Wait Til Next Year…Really

HG - The Cubs hit their high water mark of the year on July 4th by beating the Washington Nats, which put them only 8 games under break even.  Then a tad over six hours later, their top two starter were sent packing to Oakland.  Sans Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, the Northsiders have been in free fall since.

Chicago is now already 17 games under and it isn’t August yet.  Cubs’ fans in recent years have seen this movie before by now as talk shifts from the major league club to all about the young stars in the farm system.  As optimistic and hopeful as die hard Cub fans must be, their visions turn to the Bears as yet another season spirals out of control.  But unlike the last two years, the light at the end of the tunnel is those much talked about Northsider’s prospects on the verge of playing in the Friendly Confines.

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Blackhawk’s Last Rush?

HG - After the tough game 7 loss to the LA Kings, Chicago GM Stan Bowman had little time off before shifting gears for the 2014-15 season.  Chief among his things to do was re-signing Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane so they wouldn’t even get to free agency next year.  That has been accomplished, but with roster ramifications for the Chicago Blackhawks that will be felt more so next summer.

Both Toews and Kane received identical 8 year, 84 million deals that have cap hits of 10.5 per season, nearly doubling their present salary.  How will the effective increase in combined salaries of numbers 19 and 88 result in the construction of the roster next year?

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B1G Heads East

BG Maryland and Rutgers have become official members of the Big Ten.  This comes also with the announcement of the partnership between the Big Ten and Big East.  Both moves come at the right time to expand the footprint East.

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Fantasy Baseball Week 16: Lincecum Saw and No Hit

HG - Major League Baseball has hit the All-Star break and for fantasy owners, this marks right around two thirds mark of your league schedule.  Despite what could have been a lousy start for your team, if you are near the break even point you are still in contention for a playoff spot.  But what for most owners is a long week 16, playoff pushes need to begin in earnest now as baseball gets rolling again tomorrow.

If somehow Tim Lincecum is still available, and he is in some leagues, grab him ASAP.  The former Cy Young award winner is back on as he has been nearly unhittable since June 25 with an microscopic ERA of 0.29 and a WHIP of 0.63 covering 30 innings.  Does Tim Lincecum have to do anymore to be owned in all leagues?

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Bulls’ Consolation

BG The 2014 free agent class was as impressive as the 2010 class, and the Chicago Bulls tried to put themselves in a position to be players.  The Bulls went hard after Carmelo Anthony, but unlike 2010, they didn’t clean out part of the roster and left with nothing.

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LeBron Goes Home

BG For anyone that’s not a Cavs fan, there’s disappointment that the King didn’t pick there team.  However, it’s as close to a feel good story as you can.  Even being a fan of other teams, most can’t help but cheer for at least one championship in the desolate sports area known as Cleveland.

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Fantasy Baseball Week 11: Danks A Lot

HG - Welcome fantasy owners to the halfway flag as the regular season is turning the post to start the second half which begs the question, “Are you still in it?”  Unless your league is top heavy, most fantasy owners still have a chance to make the playoff and the key to that is the continual upgrading of your roster.

This week’s top pick up is the White Sox’s John Danks.  He has has over come a slow start to his 2014 season after having Tommy John surgery last year.  After making a mechanical change to his delivery, he has been very tough to score upon with an sub two ERA and WHIP under one.  While staff ace and teammate Chris Sale will always get top billing, Danks is now also a valuable fantasy starter.

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Fantasy Baseball Week 10: Homering In

HG - With the midway point of fantasy regular season approaching, injuries keep mounting while owners who are behind still have time to make a run.  But retooling your team means being aware of those hot players worth adding to help your teams’s turn around.

This goes hand in hand with the pick up of the week, the Cincinnati Red’s Homer Bailey who has overcome such a torrid start to his 2014 campaign.  After signing his big extension during the off season, it certainly looked like Bailey was trying to justify why they signed him for 6 years and 105 million.  Bailey has accomplished that and is back to a must own for all fantasy owners in all leagues.

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Back to the Pacer Drawing Board

BG With the Eastern Conference decided, it was very disappointing.  All season, in a dreadful East, it was going to be Pacers and Heat.  After a close seven game series last year everyone was ready for an even better and close series in which maybe, just maybe, the Heat may finally be knocked off their perch.  But that didn’t happen, not even close.

Probably never, there hasn’t been a team that finished in the final four of any league that was left as disappointing and with as many questions as the Indiana Pacers.  The bench was ‘deeper’, there is a budding ‘superstar’ in Paul George and plenty of trees down low for Indiana.  These were all the recipes for the supposed blueprint to knock off the Hollywood Miami Heat.  Instead, it almost seems like the Pacers have to go back to the drawing board.

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